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How to love camping even more

by Loni Peeters from Ballina Camping and Disposals

Go solo or get a group together and start exploring our great outdoors. It’s a great way to gain an appreciation of your local (or not so local) area and spend quality time with family or friends. That’s true now more than ever. Advancements in camping technology combined with fewer opportunities to travel overseas or interstate mean there has never been a better time to go on a road trip . Here are some tips to make your next camping adventure more enjoyable, particularly if you are a first timer.

  • Check your existing gear as soon as possible. If it hasn’t seen the light of day for a few years, it is best to ensure it is still in working order. A rat may have fancied your tent as a cosy little nest or your gas bottle may be past its use by date.
  • Make a list of essential items and make sure to buy them well in advance of your departure date. Stock availability or other supply issues should not be allowed to ruin an otherwise excellent adventure. Only buy quality equipment with good guarantees and after sales service. Cheap gear can be a false economy and just end up as landfill.  If you buy online, consider how much it might cost in both time and money to post it back if there is a problem.
  • Become familiar with your equipment, including your tent, bedding, and cooking arrangements. If you have never camped before, have a practice night out in the backyard so you can get an idea of what is needed and what isn’t.  Don’t forget to make sure everything fits in your vehicle.
  • Consider carefully the luxuries you can’t do without when you choose where to stay. Do you need electricity, a park with kids’ entertainment, or bathroom facilities? Would you prefer to be close to town so there are places to eat and buy supplies. If you don’t need any of these things, then the peaceful surrounds of a National Park may be more your cup of tea.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of light.  Arrive at your campsite with enough time to set up your tent in daylight.  Think about what you may need to illuminate the campsite at night. It’s no fun tripping over tent ropes or branches, and how do you prepare a meal while holding a torch?

My family has been fortunate enough to have had overseas holidays, but our best memories are from the adventures when we went camping.  Put your feet up, go exploring, fish, swim, make new friends….. you are guaranteed a good time. For further information and to source all your camping needs, visit us in person at Ballina Camping and Disposals, 207 River Street, Ballina or online at 

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Safety Boots – Steel Toe Cap vs Composite Toe Cap

Safety Boot Toe Caps

When purchasing safety boots, it is important to know the material from which the toe cap is made. Some boots have steel toe caps while others have composite toe caps. So long as they comply with Australian and New Zealand Safety Footwear Standard AS/NZS 2210.3, both types of caps protect your feet while you are work, but what is the difference between them and what is the best protection for you?

Steel Blue Workboots On The JobBoots with steel toe caps contain a piece of steel in the toe area to protect your toes from a number of different hazards in the workplace. Steel toe caps offer more flat protection than composite toe caps and can essentially handle heavier weights above the basic safety requirement compared to composite toe caps. It is important to note however that unless you are in an exceptionally hazardous environment with the possibility of items with enormous weight falling on or piercing your toes, you’re unlikely to be in a situation where your composite toe cap is at a risk of shattering. Steel toe caps have high puncture resistance and they don’t shatter, snap, or weaken over time. They are also generally cheaper than composite toe caps.

Composite toe caps are usually lighter. They are made of materials like Kevlar and carbon fibre.  They are also completely metal free and therefore do not conduct electricity. Composite toe caps also save time for people who have to pass through metal detectors such as those who work in nuclear plants, security, the courts, or airports. They also offer great insulation in cold climates.

When it comes to choosing between a steel toe cap and a composite toe cap, the major deciding factors will be the job and environment in which they are being used. Both materials have their own unique properties which make them incredible protective materials. Ballina Camping and Disposals and Rhino Workwear have both types of toe caps in store so you can be sure of getting the best safety boots for whatever you do for work.

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ThermaDry Polypropylene Possum Gloves

Thermadry Polyprop Possum Gloves

ThermaDry Polypropylene Possum Gloves are made from a specially designed blend of 22% possum fur, 32% merino wool, 32% polypropylene and 14% elastane to ensure maximum warmth, comfort and fit.

Possum fur and merino wool retain warmth next to the skin. The possum fur is a hollow core fibre which doesn’t freeze in sub zero temperatures.

Polypropylene provides wickability to draw moisture to the exterior of the gloves. It also gives the gloves a hard wearing outer surface.

Elastane gives the glove stretch and a firm fit to the hand.

ThermaDry Polypropylene Possum Gloves are suitable for tough outdoor environments and activities in which dexterity is required. The range includes both full finger and fingerless versions. The available colours include black marle and black charcoal.

Made in New Zealand.

Want to know more? Drop us a line via the Contact page of of our website.

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King Gee Tradie Zip Boot

The top selling, super comfortable, and ultra-protective Tradie Zip Boot from King Gee is in stock now at Ballina Camping and Rhino Workwear.  Endorsed by the Australian Podiatry Association, the King Gee Tradie Zip Boot is packed full of all the features you need to protect your feet while you are at work. Come in and try them today. Your feet will thank you for it.

The King Gee Tradie Zip Boot is certified to AS/NZS 2210.3:2009 meeting all Benchmark® requirements under the Australian and New Zealand standards.


  • Water Resistant Leather & Breathable Nylon
  • YKK 10 Gauge Coil Zipper
  • Dual Layer Memory foam / PU (polyurethane) foot bed – Sensitive to pressure and moulds perfectly around the contours of your foot. The PU bottom layer provides permanent cushioning and shock absorption.
  • Dri-Lex lining treated with Aegis Anti-Microbial – Patented superior mesh designed to manage moisture. Wicks away moisture and keeps your feet dry. Allows your feet to breath and keeps them cool.
  • Wide profile steel toe cap with PU toe bump – Designed to withstand a force of 200 joules and compression resistance of 1.5 ton. Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) protective cap liner for added comfort. Steel cap protective liner to ensure that your toes are comfortable and not in contact with the protective safety cap.
  • Nylon (Non-Metallic) Shank
  • ARZ+ Pad Technology – Anatomical Rebound Zone (ARZ+) with an expandable polymer that provides excellent cushioning and rebound. ARZ+ heel protection difference is apparent at heel strike the soft contouring material dissipates force upon impact.
  • TPU Outsole, PU Midsole – Polyurethane (PU) provides an excellent balance of shock absorption (cushioning) and energy return (rebound). Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) has many useful properties including elasticity and resistance to most oil, grease and abrasion.
  • 130° degree Celsius heat resistance
  • Fuel oil and slip resistance
  • Anti Static – Designed to reduce the build up of excess static electricity by conducting body charge to the ground. Protects against ignition hazards such as flammable materials and gasses.

30 Day Comfort Guarantee

King Gee Tradie Zip Boots have been engineered to provide maximum comfort. After careful study of the Australian foot anatomy, King Gee work boots are designed with a wider last, sole & toe cap. King Gee is so confident you will love these boots that they come with a 30 day comfort guarantee.

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Sea to Summit Gaiters and the snake season

With snake season upon us some advice from Sea to Summit for Australian snake bite prevention and treatment, also a guide to their suitable gaiters.

“It’s September which means that snakes are coming out in search of some sun so we thought we’d put together a post about the prevention and treatment of snake bites in Australia. This letter can help you understand snake behaviour and avoid dangerous situations.

The following information has been offered by Bob Cooper, an Australian expert in reptiles and outback survival. NB: These guidelines are relevant for Australian snakes species and are intended as guidelines only.

Prevention better than cure:

• Do not approach a snake: it doesn’t know what your intention is, and that you are just observing or trying to help.
• You can make a snake very scared by pointing and waving your arms in the air above the snake, so instead, keep your movements calm and slow. Also, dont raise your feet up in front of the snake – that will provoke a strike.
• Wear closed-in footwear at all times when bushwalking and preferably wear long trousers and/or gaiters.
• Use a dead stick or trekking pole to probe long grass as you walk through, as this will encourage the snake to move out of your path.
• Do not cast a shadow onto a snake as that will make it nervous

There are 30 species of snakes in Australia that are considered to have life-threatening venom.

Fortunately, these belong to one group of snakes known as elapids, meaning they have fixed front fangs. The average length would be 4-6mm on a metre long snake and up to 12mm on a very large snake. These relatively small fangs mean that by wearing gaiters you can greatly decrease the chance of a snake successfully piercing your skin.

Sea to Summit offer a large range of gaiters which will help prevent a bite but can never offer 100% protection against snake bites. The most densely woven, puncture-resistant gaiter currently made by Sea to Summit is the Quagmire Canvas Gaiter. The Quagmire provides at least 39cm coverage up your leg delivering peace of mind no matter where you are bushwalking,

Treatment method:

“I believe the pressure and immobilisation technique (PIT) is the most effective first-aid treatment for all venomous land and sea snake bites in Australia and other elapid snakes worldwide. To my knowledge, there have been no reported deaths once this bandaging has been applied. The short fangs of the elapid snake deliver the venom into our lymphatic system and not directly into our bloodstream. The bandaging slows the venom movement and absorption rate down to as much as one-twentieth, buying the victim much more time to get to hospital.”

Written by Bob Cooper

This Bob Cooper Snake Bite and Venomous Creatures Kit has 3 x 10 cm compression bandages that can maintain the correct pressure and will remain tight. The included first aid booklet can equip you with the know-how to handle bites and stings from the following deadly Australian creatures: land, sea and burrowing snakes, funnel web spiders, blue-ringed octopus, and cone shells.” We stock the Sea to Summit Gaiters and the Bob Cooper Snake bit kit in our store.

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Exciting new Products from Roman

Roman is proud to introduce an exciting new range of tents and shelters this Spring. Roman tents and shelters providing quality and value for over 55 years. Great range now available in our store.

The ever-popular Escape series dome tents now comes with updated colours and an improved water head rating.

• Large front ‘D’ door for easy access
• Silver coated flysheet to block out heat
• Heat sealed seams for maximum water proofing
• Front vestibule for extra storage
• 4V/6V now with larger window

The instant-up range of Bullet & Rapid tents offer a contemporary design, quality components, with models to suit individual campers to larger families.


• Quick set-up with instant frame system
• Oversized windows and large D-door
• Front vestibule with floor for additional storage space
• Internal gear loft & storage pockets


• Sets up in seconds with the instant up hub mechanism
• Large roll up side windows and  rear vent for maximum airflow
• Front vestibule for extra storage
• Oversize carry bag


For those who prefer a no-fuss, affordable pop-up style tent, the Roman POD offers all that and more. With a striking combination of red and gunmetal grey colours, a removable roof cover and ample room for two, the POD is perfect for festival use or short weekend trips.


• Pops up in seconds
• Multiple ultra-fine mesh panels for ventilation
• Silver coated material to block out heat
• Fully removable roof cover
• Large front door for easy access

The new Freedome shelters offer a compact, portable and stylish solution compared to traditional gazebos. Priced from RRP $229, with the option of adding walls and mesh panels, they are sure to be a hit this summer.

• Long lasting, polyester canopy
• UPF 50+ protection from the sun
• Silver coated material
to block out heat
• Internal storage pockets
• Detachable webbing straps


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Steel Blue Work Boots

At Steel Blue, we know that safety and comfort is essential for those who work on their feet all day. We have been providing comfortable work boots for over 20 years. We know that our Steel Blue boots offer quality and comfort at the highest level, making Steel Blue boots the most comfortable safety footwear around.

With a solid reputation built on innovation and comfort, Steel Blue offer a comprehensive range of work boots to suit all trades and lifestyles. Our increasing range of safety footwear includes Men’s work bootsWomen’s work boots, safety shoes and steel cap boots.

Steel Blue is proudly Australian owned and operated, our mission is to use quality materials in order to manufacture the most comfortable work boots in the world.

Footwear has an enormous influence on the way we move, yet many overlook the importance of comfortable work boots. Steel Blue boots are the first and only safety boots in Australia endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), the peak body representing the interests of Australian Physiotherapists and their patients. By absorbing more shock while cushioning the feet from day-to-day fatigue, Steel Blue boots assist to protect the body from stress-related injury to the ankles, knees, hips and spine. The APA only endorse products that offer clear health benefits to the patients of Physiotherapists which again highlights our strong focus on manufacturing quality steel toe work boots and safety boots.

We stand by our products and guarantee that when you buy Steel Blue boots, you are buying the best work boots on the market. Our 100% Comfort Guarantee is offered on every style in the range. Our direct injection, dual density soling system featuring Tri-Sole™ Comfort Technology is unique and patented to us. By strategically placing pads made of Poron® to target peak stress areas of the foot, we pride ourselves on the level of comfort our safety boots offer.

Steel Blue is dedicated to providing you with the best quality and most comfortable work boots available by utilising the latest technology combined with legendary levels of comfort. Premium quality materials including New Zealand leather, soft and flexible moisture wicking anti-bacterial lining materials, and heavy-duty quality zips and laces are all incorporated to create our durable safety boots; and together ensure we create comfortable work boots. A generous fit with ergonomically shaped steel or composite safety toe cap, combined with an impact absorbing polyurethane full footbed is just the start.

We are determined to continue to stay at the forefront of safety footwear innovation and believe that safety is paramount. All Steel Blue boots are independently certified to meet or exceed Australian, European and American Footwear Safety Standards.


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Osprey Backpacks

The History of Osprey Backpacks.

Since Osprey was founded in 1974, every single product design bearing the Osprey name has passed through the hands of owner and founder Mike Pfotenhauer, undergoing relentless scrutiny. From stitching the first lines of custom-fitted packs, to meticulously designing innovative products with intuitive features, to forging personal relationships with the sewing operators who construct the packs, Mike has been the unbreakable thread that makes Osprey a company like no other.

Mike remembers backpacking as a young boy in his home state of Oregon with his brothers and father, wearing a backpack with an awful fit. With the help of his mother, he learned to sew, and created his first backpack at age 16.

As a young entrepreneur in Santa Cruz, California, Mike opened a retail shop in the front of his rented house where backpackers and travelers – drawn by word of mouth – came to get measured for the custom-fitted, made-to-order packs. Each was constructed by Mike himself over the course of several days. To these avid travelers, the legendary packs were worth the wait. The original name of Osprey Packs was Santa Cruz Recreational Packs.

By 1987, Osprey started selling wholesale and Mike delegated much of the sewing to seven or eight employees while he focused on design.

As the demand for the great-fitting packs increased, Mike and business partner/wife Diane Wren found themselves in Dolores, Colorado, population 864, the exact day a local Gore-Tex factory was closing down. Soon after, they rented the 8,000-square-foot building – originally built in the 1920s as Ford Model-T factory.

They recruited a team of women sewers from the nearby Navajo reservation, many of whom had built upon their traditional sand painting and blanket weaving skills to sew at area factories. Mike trained these experienced sewers in the art and science of constructing Osprey Packs. In 1994, they expanded sewing operations to Cortez, Colorado, and five years later, Osprey moved all operations to this facility in preparation for more expansion.

By 2000, manufacturing in the U.S. became increasingly challenging. As domestic fabric mills closed, sourcing quality materials became more difficult. Moreover, Osprey’s competitors had moved manufacturing overseas to reduce product costs and prices. There were issues with capacity. As Osprey signed on with distributors around the globe, the company was missing deadlines and business opportunities. Moving manufacturing overseas was crucial to the company’s survival.

Osprey began working with Korean manufacturers that owned and managed facilities in Vietnam. Distance didn’t dilute Mike’s incessant desire to ensure that his packs were built with the utmost quality and according to his design specs, which meant he was spending months traveling between Cortez and Vietnam. The trip alone took two days.

In 2003, Mike and Diane relocated their family to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and set up a design center where Mike could more closely manage production. Intending to live there for two years, they stayed for four. Mike recalls, “We visited the factories almost daily to make sure production was running smoothly and that our designs were produced accurately and faithfully.” Mike hired a Vietnamese designer to create the prototypes and samples. Then he hired another local to manage quality assurance. Now, Osprey’s fully-staffed product development office continues to ensure face-to-face relationships with the factory technicians as well as transparency with the company’s suppliers.

To celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2009, Osprey launched the All Mighty Guarantee, an enhancement of a lifetime warranty that was already one of the most robust in the industry. Free of charge, the company will repair any damage or defect in its product – whether it was purchased in 1974 or yesterday. If Osprey is unable to repair the item, it will happily replace it. The All Mighty Guarantee: any product, any reason, any era.

Mike isn’t the only one ensuring that every product meets the exacting standards worthy of this lifetime guarantee. Hired in 1990 as one of the original Navajo sewers, Marilyn Jones has had a hand in creating Osprey packs for 20 years. She is now responsible for all pack repairs. “Sometimes a pack comes in and I’ll recognize it,” Marilyn says. “I see how it’s held up over the years, and what adventures it’s been through. Then, I make sure it goes even further.”

Mike says his innovative designs and commitment to top-notch manufacturing shows in every product, even, or especially, decades later. “Osprey is, in large part, about exceptional relationships,” says Mike. “Between the pack and its wearer. The pack and its makers. The company and its staff.” He continues, “So many of our staff have been with the company for decades. It shows how fervently we believe in our process and products. The All Mighty Guarantee proves it.” No wonder there’s such a close relationship between the words “Osprey” and “quality”. You could say it’s a lifetime commitment.

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Mongrel work boots

Now there’s a Mongrel that fits what you do !!

No one boot style is right for the wide range of work situations. That’s why Mongrel Boots have created a number of Special Purpose ranges with an even wider range of styles, to create boots that meet the special needs of our wearers.

Whichever range or style you choose, you are assured the latest technology plus individual features to enhance the boots ability to perform in your particular industry.

If you’re in the mining industry, or working in really tough environments, there’s our rubber soled extra spec SP>R series. If you need good ankle support but like many trades dealing with the general public, you need to take your boots on and off often – there’s ZipSiders – our SP>Z Series. SP>S is our lightweight Sport series with an aluminium safety cap and advanced duo colour sports sole technology. If you want a basic safety boot with value for money leather uppers in rugged hide, you’ll like our Trade range – SP>T Series. And if you don’t need steel toe-caps – there is SP>N, our non-safety protective range.

We’ve also matched a whole new range of innersoles under the brand name OrthoTec. Now OrthoTec combined with your choice from the Mongrels SP Series range will result in the perfect boot for you, your feet and the job you do.



Quality TPU and Rubber Soles

The new range of Mongrel Boots feature high quality materials required to meet the purpose to which the boots have been designed. These high quality materials include long wearing rubber soles for tough work environments, a variety of leather upper grades matched to the need for performance and sole designs created with traction needs of a wide variety of occupations in mind.


Usage Information

Mongrel Safety Boots

These Mongrel Safety Work Boots are made to Australian Standard AS/NZS 2210.3.2009 Class1* and are a basic safety boot marked category SB. The boots are certified by TUV Rhineland Australia P/L, Mongrel Safety Boots are suitable for general industrial and agricultural use. The boots will feature either a TPU/PU sole or a Nitrile Rubber PU sole which have specific usage conditions. The sole type appears on the boots and on the inner tag.


The maximum temperature in which TPU/PU soles can be used – intermittent contact up to 130°c and continuous contact up to 110°c. Chemical contact – avoid use with strong acids and alkalis >10% concentrations such as hydrochloric and sulphuric acids and caustic soda. The soles are oil resistant.

Nitrile Rubber/PU

For Nitrile Rubber/PU soles – the maximum temperature for usage range is up to 300°c. The sole is acid, oil and heat resistant. The boots have a removable inner sole. For safety certification all testing is carried out with the inner sole in place and the boot should only be used with the inner sole in place for maximum safety – in particular shock absorption. Should the innersole need to be replaced it is important to purchase one of a similar standard. Replacement innersoles can be purchased from sales outlets carrying the Mongrel Boots range. A list of stockists is available via our website –

Unauthorised alterations

Any unauthorised alterations to footwear such as mechanical stretching or adding vent holes are discouraged as they may

  • · take the footwear out of compliance with this standard
  • · void any approval or certification of the footwear
  • · reduce the effectiveness of the footwear.

Where alterations of the footwear are contemplated, advice should be sought from the manufacturers and approving authorities.

Comfort and safety

It is essential that the boots are properly fitted for maximum comfort and safety. Of special importance is to allow room under the cap for your toes to move. Your toes should not come into contact with any part of the toe cap. You should allow around 5mm between your toes and the back of the cap. Your heel should fit neatly into the back of the boot so that when walking, your boots do not move up and down on your heel. The boot should fit comfortably around your foot.

Maximising the life of your Mongrel boots

Store in dry and well ventilated environments – air conditioned environments are ideal. Drying your boots should be at normal room temperature. Avoid forced heat drying and direct sunlight. Regular cleaning is recommended. Remove dirt and grime from the upper with a damp cloth and then apply boot polish or dubbin depending on leather type. With suede or nubuck leather, clean with a suede or nubuck brush. Soles should be cleaned regularly with water and allow to dry.The life of your boots is related to the working conditions to which they are exposed, the care you give them and frequency of use.

* Only applies to Mongrel Safety range.