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Driven to develop the most innovative outdoor products on the planet

Companion Brands distributes many of the world’s leading camping and outdoor brands. They specialize in the supply of well-known and reputable brands to a wide range of re-sellers throughout Australia. Their brands include Roman, Campfire, Elemental, Kookaburra, Companion, Igloo, and many more.

They also have international sales into countries such as New Zealand, USA, UK, Scandinavia, Europe, Middle East and South Africa. Many of their products are designed and developed in-house for the Australian market, and have also found acceptance internationally.

Companion Brands are committed to product quality and customer support both at a re-seller and consumer level which is backed up by an extensive service network and customer support team.

Product development and innovation are key drivers for their business and we look forward to sharing with you their ever increasing portfolio of brands and products.

Today, at Companion Brands they strive to enhance both our customers and the consumers experience with every product that we offer.

Companion Brands products cover a wide range of outdoor activity including camping, climbing, expedition, hunting, kayaking, snorkeling, mountaineering, fishing, surfing, cooking and more.

Companion Brands is well known for their innovative and high quality products such as gas stoves, cookware, lighting, kitchenware, refrigeration, camp showers, camping lanterns, camping solar and power, tents, sleeping bags, aqua sports, gas equipment, 4WD drive equipment, haversacks, coolers, bedding, hats, and outdoor furniture.

Our knowledgeable, efficient staff will be able to provide tips and advice about the extensive range products that we have in store.

The front camping room has all the smaller items in the Companion brands range, everything from tent repairs kits to tomahawks to camp ovens and sleeping bags. While out the back in big camping room there are tents, fridges, solar panels, chairs and much more.