30ft (912cm) Spreader Bar


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Heavy Duty Square Spreader Bars.

The key to stable, sturdy campsite setup is with quality, spreader bars.

Once your structure is erected with these square poles then it will remain rigid and free of water pooling regardless of weather conditions.

Built with reinforced quality and designed to endure the rigours of the rugged outback, withstanding pressure, to keep you and your campsite secure.


  • Premium grade square spreader bars perfect for most campsite structures such as tents, tarps, awnings, caravans, and gazebos.
  • Square profile galvabond steel for greater strength and longevity.
  • Corrosion resistant despite constant exposure to outdoor elements.
  • Includes roof rail bracket for a quick and easy mount to side of Caravan, RV or Motorhome.
  • T-nut adjuster included.
  • Manufactured in Australia

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