Guide to Free Campsites 2022-23


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Guide to Free Campsites 2022-2023 produced by On The Road Publishing.
Lists over 1800 free and low cost campsites around Australia.
Also features 1,000 reviewed campsites reports and includes articles on camping with pets,
season travelling, desert camping preparation plus much more.
A must purchase for that ‘trip of a life-time’.


If you?re planning your trip around Australia, then the

Guide to Free Campsites from On The Road is just what your glovebox needs.

This guide lists over 1800 free and low-cost campsites around Australia, and also covers the facilities that are available. With 100 or more sites reviewed it?s easy to pick what will suit you, and there helpful articles inside such as advice on setting up your vehicle, safety, power, communications, cooking and fishing. It also has the maps, contact numbers, GPS coordinates and other extra info that you might need while adventuring.

Whether you?re just in the planning stages or looking for camping options on the road, the Guide to Free Campsites from On The Road is an essential reference.

?Articles on setting up your vehicle, communications, safety, power, fishing and bush cooking

Maps, GPS coordinates, contact numbers and other useful information