Led Lenser P2 Torch Gift Box


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The P2 easily proves that light output doesn’t depend on size and weight alone: This up to 16 lumens strong keychain torch measures 102 mm and weighs only 36 g. In other words, less than the battery cap of a large torch. It also lasts up to 7 hours and has a lens which separates white and blue light. Just turn the button and the light beam with a blue aureole focuses itself. In other words, Led Lenser hasn’t skimped on anything – except weight.


  • Brightness: 16 lumens
  • Distance: 25 metres
  • Battery time: 7 hours
  • High Power LED – Enables your Ledlenser to achieve high luminosity.
  • IPX4 – protection against water splashing from any direction
  • Power – optimised light output
  • Rapid Focus System – single-handed adjustment of the focus to put light where it is needed
  • Aluminium casingĀ 
  • Gift presentation box