Trailblazer Canvas Water Bag 40cm


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Designed and used in the Australian Outback for over 100 years. Canvas water bags are a great way to carry water. On the front of the car, on the verandah of the house, or from the branch of a tree, the moist canvas helps to keep the water cooler. Comes with a protective vinyl backing.

Approx size: 40cm wide x 29.5cm high x 10cm base

The 3/4 level of the bag is its maximum capacity. If you fill the bag above this level, it will leak until it is only 3/4 full.

Before first use, the water bag must be totally immersed in clean water for 24 hours to soak and then completely dried so the thread swells and seals.  If water bag still leaks, complete the process.  This process may need to be followed up to 3 times before the water bag seals completely.