Odour-B-Gone 25x8g RV Toilet Tablets


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CASETTE TOILETS: Simply drop 1 x 8 gram Blue tablet into the bottom cassette with half cup water, lasting up to 4 Days usage. The tablet will break down the matter including the paper very quickly. There are 2 size pouches, 50 x 8gram tablets (blue) & 25 x 8gram tablets both include 10 x 2gram. Mini oxygen tabs for use in a spray bottle.

The 2 gram Mini Tab (green) is used in a spray bottle, simply drop into a 400 mil bottle with cup hot water & top up with cold water, give it a shake and is ready for use. You do not have to wait till the mini tab fully dissolves. We use the spray bottle for the bowl & seat, which only takes seconds & in the heat perhaps spray the bowl 3 times a day. By spraying it is killing the bad bacteria & any odour, it is good to open the slide when spraying to allow entry into the bottom cassette. (You do not have to wait for the Mini Tab to fully dissolve, just use it!)

Use any toilet paper. If it is not breaking down, use more flushing water.