Rovin 12V Portable Ceiling Fan With Battery Clamps


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We’ve all been somewhere beautiful with the summer sun beating down, when the air is as still as a rock. When entertaining or trying to relax in your caravan, camper, or outdoor patio area, this can be a real thorn in your comfortable side. This fan simply hangs on an existing hook, and connects to a battery or 12V power using the 3m attached lead (battery clamps provided). It will then provide air circulation and keep you cooler! Of course, care should be taken to ensure the power cable is secured and cannot tangle in the blades. The fan should also be mounted well away from people or objects, and high enough that someone cannot accidentally walk into it while in operation.


  • 12V Operation
  • No Permanent Installation Required
  • Hangs Up In Seconds
  • Battery Clamp Connection
  • 10W Power at 12VDC
  • Weight: 750g
  • Cable length: 3m
  • Fan RPM: 272RPM
  • Number of fan blades: 3