Stimex Handy-Potti Silver Line 15 Litre Portable Toilet


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15L Portable Camping Toilet perfectly suited to all caravan and RV activities.

Reliable and highly functional camping toilet providing a convenient and clean way of enjoying camping trips or outings. Great attention given to comfort, quality and functionality this will maintain an optimum performance rate so you don’t encounter any smelly, costly situations whilst you’re away.


  • Luxurious chemical toilet made of maintenance friendly and hygenical synthetic polymolocule plastic.
  • Extremely smooth easy care surface.
  • Swivel spout for easy emptying.
  • Pressure control valve auto ventilation single flush nozzle.
  • The perfect compliment to the trusted Stimex Range.
  • Detachable rinse and waste tank with venting button to make cleaning and maintenance easier.
  • Transport wheel on underside.
  • Capacity: 15L.
  • Dimensions: 36.7(h) x 38(b) x 44.6cm(d).
  • Manufactured in The Netherlands.